"When you realize that a beautiful interior has very little to do with objects and a whole lot to do with spirit, general well being and upliftment you find the soul of interior design. If you have respect for your surroundings and everything has it's perfect place you interact with your world differently you carry yourself differently. My father used to say that the state of your surroundings is the state of your mind. Look around your home, let your home be the foundation of your aspiration."

Written by a South African artist, interior designer & product designer.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My trip to Anthropologie

As many of you know Anthro finally opened its doors this past Friday in Vancouver on South Granville.  I am not one to wait when a new hip clothing store comes to town so I braved the lines and experienced it for myself yesterday afternoon.  I managed to come home with four new shirts and there were other things that I had my eye on that I'll pick up on another day.  If you haven't already then you must go!  Between the bowls, gorgeous knobs, jewelry and clothes it really is a one stop shop.

 Their famous coffee mugs (I am still questioning why I didn't pick one up!)

 My new shirts!

 I never get tired of these bowls

 Great selection of knobs


  1. I drove past on Saturday and almost crashed the car gawking at the funky store front. I'm headed there on Wednesday. Love your new shirts but I do want to see more of that tank hidden in the back.

  2. So jealous! Wished I lived near one. The store looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. I'm so happy you Vancouverites got an Anthro - I hope you warned your wallet ;)

  4. I'm looking forward to going! Yay, for sneak peaks!

    PS - I linked to your blog in a post today. Just had to repost about Element Clay Studio!

  5. Nice shots lady!!! Did you buy all of those shirts? Love them all!!

  6. Hi Tracey, yes as a matter of fact I did!! Love your dress:)

  7. Love Anthropologie! It has got to be crime....

  8. Yay! I heading there tomorrow with Carol Can't wait!

  9. nice shop ;)