"When you realize that a beautiful interior has very little to do with objects and a whole lot to do with spirit, general well being and upliftment you find the soul of interior design. If you have respect for your surroundings and everything has it's perfect place you interact with your world differently you carry yourself differently. My father used to say that the state of your surroundings is the state of your mind. Look around your home, let your home be the foundation of your aspiration."

Written by a South African artist, interior designer & product designer.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Emersonmade duo

I have blogged about this amazing clothing line before and I was thrilled to come across an article on their home in Boston Magazine.  The husband and wife team of Emersonmade, Emerson and Ryan Fry, live in an idyllic farmhouse in New Hamshire.  It's the kind of setting you would see in movies and is the beautiful backdrop too all of the photos you see on their website.  They are not only focused on building an empire but also spend time raising chickens and ducks on their certified organic farm!  You can find the entire article here and learn more about how they found their dream home and how a business that started out selling flower pins now has a whole clothing line of classic pieces that every wardrobe should have.

images via Boston Magazine


  1. When I see a gorgeous home like this I want to run off and live in the country. So fabulous!

  2. Thanks for those pics!! Amazingly beautiful!

  3. Beautiful!! I love this home, and I love those bright yellow twin beds.

    PS. Love that you captured pics on your Anthropologie trip, I still need to check it out!!

    PSS. I think I need that quatrefoil mirror too! I'm so happy you got it :) I can imagine it in my office as part of a gallery wall I'm planning :) I may even want to spray it gold!! What do you think?
    Nancy xo

  4. Yes, it would look fantastic in gold!! They had the same mirror on One King's Lane in gold and it sold out very quickly. I think it was selling for 250.00 so the Lowe's price is a fantastic deal. Andrea xo

  5. I saw their home in BH&G a while back, They have such a fabulous home!

  6. I love that desk !! Makes me think about using my dining room table for my desk as it looks very similar ......... although, now I would have to get an office big enough for it. I DO want to replace my dining room table with a table similar to the one featured in that fab kitchen.