"When you realize that a beautiful interior has very little to do with objects and a whole lot to do with spirit, general well being and upliftment you find the soul of interior design. If you have respect for your surroundings and everything has it's perfect place you interact with your world differently you carry yourself differently. My father used to say that the state of your surroundings is the state of your mind. Look around your home, let your home be the foundation of your aspiration."

Written by a South African artist, interior designer & product designer.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kitchen redo

I thought I would share some pictures of my home.  Let's start with the kitchen.  I am having trouble locating all of my before pictures of the house so for now I will share my kitchen.  Nothing makes me happier than a good reno.  I can't say my lovely husband agrees although I do my best to convince him otherwise!




  1. Beautiful Andrea! I have to ask, did you get your sconces from my store? :) I sold the same ones!


  2. Thanks Karla! As a matter of fact I did:) I had to have them. Well, there were many things in your store I had to have and I was lucky enough to bring those babies home!

  3. SOOO pretty! Where did you get the kitchen window shades from? Been looking for something like that?