"When you realize that a beautiful interior has very little to do with objects and a whole lot to do with spirit, general well being and upliftment you find the soul of interior design. If you have respect for your surroundings and everything has it's perfect place you interact with your world differently you carry yourself differently. My father used to say that the state of your surroundings is the state of your mind. Look around your home, let your home be the foundation of your aspiration."

Written by a South African artist, interior designer & product designer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

So many products so little time

I am constantly on the lookout for all sorts of things that make a space beautiful.  Everything from large pieces of furniture to the perfect accessories and along the way I find myself becoming attached to some of these things.  I keep a file hoping that a space will come along that perfectly suits whatever it is I'm dying to use!  I guess you could call it an occupational hazard.  Am I the only one who becomes attached to things like wallpaper, lighting and coffee tables?  These are some of my recent obsessions on the waiting list:)


  1. If it helps ease the pain, the second chandelier I used back in the fall on a project! It hangs in the foyer http://www.kerrisdaledesign.com/before-and-after/good-bones-an-update/

    Love that first schumacher wallpaper too! gorgeous


  2. You did!! Can't wait to see it:) Not sure if it helps ease the pain or not:)

  3. It looks like you have great taste! I love the first wallpaper.

  4. OMG, I could totally see that room all pulled together. You have awesome taste my friend.

  5. Ooooooo, that Schumacher wallpaper is to die for! Andrea, you have absolutely impeccable taste.