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Written by a South African artist, interior designer & product designer.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Plate walls, granny or chic??

I was having a conversation with some friends (you know who you are) over lunch last week about Sarah Richardson and her plate wall she did on the first episode of Sarah 101.  I was against it from the start and thought it was bad on every level.  So I thought I would try and find some cool plate walls to see if they would change my mind.  What I have discovered is that there is a fine line between chic and granny.  I think the key is to mix up the styles so it doesn't give off that granny vibe, you know?  After saying all that I'm still not convinced:)

Sarah's plate wall

More modern versions


  1. Love that one from Houzz! Drama! Though who hangs plates on a patio/outside of a house??? The other ones I'm neutral on..... Meh, not head over heels for, but don't hate them either.

    My opinion hasn't changed since lunch it seems, either :)


  2. I can't believe how good plates look with a black background! Not granny at all. Imagine adding a Fornasetti to the composition. Totally Chic! Have a lovely weekend Andrea! XoXo

  3. I am on the fence on that one. Didn't like Sarah's version but like a more modern feel, like the ones with the darker walls. I am with Karla, who hangs plates on their patio wall, that is asking for my kids to use them for tagged practice!

  4. I have a weakness for Sarah. Even when I say no to some of her #/use of patterned fabrics for example, I always love the results of her designs and I think she often executes a very good and modern take on country and shabby chic which I think is where her heart is (see Sarah's Cottage).

    So a plate wall is in line with that. The examples you show are all very good, as a collection/grouping like art. It seems like a tall order though: perfect focal wall, color contrast, a real designer eye for the grouping of plates, a huge collection of suitable plates, and a lot of patience and skill at hanging many items together. So will remain controversial!

    I can see 100 husbands cringing in fear as their wives turn to them: "honey..." ha

  5. I love the plate wall when it's done with a modern flare, like that hot looking one from Houzz!

  6. Plate walls just aren't working for me regardless of whether they're more contemporary or granny. I'm loving the red rooster plate on the HGTV "You are what you Eat" wall... I want that one! Remember the parrot plates that Sarah mounted in shadow-box frames for the basement guest room in Sarah's House 2? Now that's a look I like... and hung in moderation. That red rooster plate I said I like? I'd mount that in a frame to hang. But I'm a party-pooper... no plate walls for me.

  7. Victoria- loved the parrot plates in the shadow boxes. I agree with you totally, moderation is key and that's a modern way to do it:)